Rebuild of Willow Creek

So I had the idea of rebuilding Willow Creek from scratch. I also thought I’d blog about it as I go. I’ve never done any blogging before so you’ll have to bear with me as I get used to it! Apologies if I bore you droning on about my builds!

To start I’ve cleared out all the existing lots and households and reset all the lots to residential. We’re working with a full blank canvas as you can see in the screenshot.

I have most of the gamepacks, but I’m missing a few so I’ll only be working with the ones I currently have. I may get the rest as I go if needed. I’m planning to have a modern contemporary feel throughout the town, with some rustic stonework thrown in.

With each individual build I’ll write a new post, include screenshots and make the build available through the Sims 4 gallery. I won’t be using CC but will be using cheats for moving objects/making all items available etc.

Ok so I’m off to get going on the first build!





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