Rebuild #1 : Streamlet Single

I decided to start with a small build for the first project. This home sits on the Streamlet Single lot within Willow Creek.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with this build, but I finally decided on a single storey, semi-open-plan modern house with one bedroom.

I kept the decor neutral with a tiny splash of colour in the odd furnishing. I also opted for natural exterior wall coverings – stone and wood, and this theme carried through to the interior with the stone floor and wooden kitchen.

It is a pretty compact build but it’s perfect for that sim who is just starting out in life!

You can find this home in the gallery, just search my profile at ‘nineteen80sims’ or by the build name ‘Willow Creek Rebuild 1’

I’m now off to create the perfect sim to move into this home!



Rebuild of Willow Creek

So I had the idea of rebuilding Willow Creek from scratch. I also thought I’d blog about it as I go. I’ve never done any blogging before so you’ll have to bear with me as I get used to it! Apologies if I bore you droning on about my builds!

To start I’ve cleared out all the existing lots and households and reset all the lots to residential. We’re working with a full blank canvas as you can see in the screenshot.

I have most of the gamepacks, but I’m missing a few so I’ll only be working with the ones I currently have. I may get the rest as I go if needed. I’m planning to have a modern contemporary feel throughout the town, with some rustic stonework thrown in.

With each individual build I’ll write a new post, include screenshots and make the build available through the Sims 4 gallery. I won’t be using CC but will be using cheats for moving objects/making all items available etc.

Ok so I’m off to get going on the first build!